Can’t get you out of my mind…

Thursday 19 April 2012

To say that the weather is wet and miserable here would be the understatement of the century. It’s rained so hard and so much that I haven’t felt fully dry for a whole week. And the worst part about it? There is no end in sight. I’m going to need a lot of day dreaming to get me through the coming weeks.

How about we travel to this spot and stay there until the weather improves?



  1. Great idea, Meghan! Count me in, I would love to be there, too. How fabulous is that image, lounging on the pool (instead of the usual by the way pool)!


  2. We've been having terrible weather too and I really need something to brighten up my day. A little daydreaming will do.

  3. if you take me with you, I'm in ;)

  4. We've been having pretty good weather lately but sitting in the office makes me want to go to a place like this. I could send you some sun, if you send me some rain. We have had the driest spring in years so far...


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