The rains in Africa…

Thursday 11 August 2011

Confession: I am bad with dates and numbers. I forget birthdays, anniversary’s, pin numbers and dentist appointments. I once forgot our anniversary and I have yet to live it down! It recently dawned on us that we had forgotten our 6 year anniversary of living in London, and I was completely gutted that I missed it. With that, came the realisation that we have lived here for a quarter of our lives! This really made me feel old/older so of course I turned to Häagen-Dazs. 

We came over to London fresh out of school with the intention of bumming around Europe for a couple of years and then going home. Well bum around we certainly didn’t. It’s been a long hard journey for us with many ups and downs but we are still here, seeing the world like we set out to do. Although I wouldn’t change our choice for love or money, it continues to be a hard choice to live away from home. Life can get lonely for us without our close family and friends and we often talk about how different our lives would be if we hadn’t have left, but then we think about all the amazing things that we have seen and done and the future we are building for ourselves and it makes it all worth it! Since that speech has made me miss home a little, here are some pics of my little piece of Africa.



















All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. so beyond beautiful. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my Mad Hatter themed engagement party. Thanks love. xoxo

  2. Meghan, these are so beautiful! Wow! That second image is breathtaking and all those wild beauties...Thank you for sharing these. You know what they say, it's better to regret that you did something than that you didn't. But I believe that living away from home and succeeding in doing something worthwhile is so challenging and a great experience. :)

  3. I'm away from home too, even if not in a different country. I know how it feels...sometimes it's great and it makes you feel free and adventurous and sometimes it sucks. But if I go back, I go back to traffic and pollution and chaos, and super small go back to lions, tigers and little monkeys!! Oh my God!! I would pay all that i have (not much) to pet a giant feline.

  4. I'm far away from home too so I can relate! I have grown so much through the experience, and we have made so many memories, but I certainly understand that it comes at a cost! You come from such a beautiful part of the world - you can always return later and it will be like new again! :)

  5. Howzit bru...there some really kief photo's :) I have many friends here in Sydney who are from South Africa. They miss their families too, but also love where they are now!
    Suzie xx

  6. What an amazing experience! I've always wanted to go to Africa :)

  7. These photos are beautiful, I love the sunset picture! Thank you for sharing them!


  8. Wonderful pics! Congrats on your 6 years in Europe! It would be easy to forget, life happens, you know?

    I enjoyed seeing pictures of your home, it really is beautiful and you can tell it is so laid back there too.

  9. Beautiful images. This is such a different setting from where you are now. But, isn't it amazing to know you can always go back there (even if just for a visit)?

  10. Lovely photos! I am dying to go to South Africa. I was hoping to go for my 30th birthday but it seems like I'll have to wait. Thanks for the pics!

  11. These pics are beautiful. Love the animals! :)

  12. These photos are so amazing! What an adventure to just be with the one you love making your own memories. :)

  13. Wow. Amazing photos. That tiger?! Woah. I can relate as we're far from home... it has its perks and it's disadvantages. But, if I came from a place like that, I'd be pretty home sick!!

  14. Beautiful pictures. You're from one of my favorite places! I'm so glad things have gone well for you despite the ups and downs. I do think when you're able to share the life you have with your loved ones, even though far away, you'll still be drawn closer to each other. Thanks so much for sharing such lovely photos!

  15. Stunning pictures! What a gorgeous place! Enjoy the wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  16. These photo's are so beautiful, it looks like a paradise and I see why you miss it. But I do admire the challenges you've taken and I'd say keep to the spirit that whatever you've seen and done is building you a beautiful future.


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