Change of Season

Tuesday 30 August 2011

If you were in London over the weekend, you would know that I was more likely to kayak around my garden rather than catch a tan! I hate to say it but I think that Summer is truly over this side of the pond. On the plus side, it means that I can start stocking my wardrobe (in my head of course) with gorgeous tailored jackets, cute boots, wooley scarves and earthy accessories. Polyvore helped me created my Autumn wishlist for this season... *hint* *hint* really love those suede booties... just saying!


Splendid army t shirt
$65 -

Lot78 suede leather jacket
$1,190 -

WILLOW CLAY quilted jacket
$98 -

J Brand high waisted skinny jeans
$245 -

Steve Madden pom pom socks
$14 -

Enzo Angiolini platform wedge
$125 -

ASOS high heels
$49 -

FOSSIL messenger bag
$188 -

Michael kors watch
£179 -

Kara by Kara Ross bangle bracelet
$202 -

Maria Black circle ring
€48 -

Dorothy Perkins cable knit scarve
£22 -

Burberry Prorsum leather belt
$595 -

Philippa Holland gold hair accessory
$1,257 -


  1. Autumn\Winter really is here!
    Iv got my winter uniform on so your choices have come jst in time!
    Love the messenger bag.

    Abigail x

  2. Love the high heals from ASOS. Cant believe what a rubbish summer we have had again its so depressing. Im not a sun worshipper either but i like a bright sunny sky

  3. Yes! Those suede boots are gorgeous! I'm desperately trying to hold on to summer, but it looks like I will have to eventually admit defeat... Your choice is nice and could tempt me to look forward to autumn ;-) xo

  4. those booties are cute - love the blazer from nordstrom's, too.

  5. Suede boots and military jacket, I always have room for these in my wardrobe. It turns out I am very enthusiastic about the change of season. :)

  6. How fun are those pom-pom leg warmers?!

  7. Great board! I love all your items.

  8. Can you believe Autumn is here already and its August - I am not impressed. LOVE those booties, I actually bookmarked that watch for a huge hint for hubby for my birthday, great to be beacked missed your daily reads xxx

  9. these are such fabulous picks for Fall!! there are essential but super chic pieces!! looove it...and now I'm very excited for the upcoming season!!


  10. Love the very dapper messenger bag but I'm not ready to even think about fall yet. Summer is far too short!


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