Quirky Homeware

Tuesday 2 August 2011

A couple of weekends ago, whilst taking a stroll around Covent Garden, I found my nose pressed up against the glass of quirky homeware store Pylones. I convinced myself that I could stick to my budget and just have a quick browse. I managed to restrain myself but only just. I checked out their website when I got home (purely for blog research, I wasn’t thinking of buying anything. Honest). Their stuff is pretty darn cool. What do you think of quirky homeware products? Do they have a place in your home?


1. Teapot; 2. Angel Mug; 3. Nail Scissors; 4. Umbrella; 5. Garden Spade; 6. Radio; 7. Rice bowl; 8. Scissors; 9. Hairbrush; 10. Grater; 11. Stapler;                12. Hammer


  1. Hey Meghan, thanks for stoping by my way doll.
    Ah, Covent Garden, now I truly miss my other home!
    Loving the cup with wings and the stapler! How much fun are these?


  2. I used to sell those graters at one of my old jobs, people loved them!


  3. Definitely quirk...I think I'd like a hammer like that but stapler is quite scary!

  4. I am in love with that teapot. In fact, it's all so adorable! Cute finds!

  5. They have the best greeting cards too. I found myself buying a stack of greeting cards not because I needed them, but because they were so clever and funny.

  6. cute stuff! I used to work at Cartoon Network so was always hoarding stuff like this. Powerpuff Girls and Hello Kitty always a favorite! Thanks for visiting my blog too! xx

  7. Those really are crazy...but for some reason, you still kinda feel yourself being drawn to them! I think I might actually want to own that adorable little grater...(c: But I think I'm going to have to resist, too, because the hubby would think I had lots my mind!

  8. I always find the coolest gifts at Pylones - love it!

  9. Dude these are so fun and quirky! Great post!

  10. I'm such a sucker for stuff like this. You're talking to someone who has a broom with a happy face on it. I am always meaning to start picking up a few Alessi pieces...you just reminded me! Wish that store was near me!

    xo Mary Jo

  11. They have so aamazing stuff. I've seen them in France and directly bought somethign as a gift. they are so cute!

  12. those items are cute!

    i'm open to quirky housewares, only if it's something i actually need and don't already have


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