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Tuesday 16 August 2011

My first ever 'real' job was working in a very large corporate law firm in the city. I wouldn't say I hated it but being naturally creative, I never quite felt like I fit in. I particularly hated the anonymity of my 'uniform' - standard black pants, button down shirt and sensible dark shoes (I once wore open-toe sandals during a hot summer day and it caused a bit of a stir!). I longed for a job where I could be more like myself. My lucky break came and I landed myself a job in a creative environment where the dress-code is much more relaxed and I now enjoy the freedom of wearing jeans everyday if I want to. I always thought the novelty would wear off but I still love it! How about you? Do you get to wear what you want to work?

Old navy cardigan
$37 -

Short sleeve t shirt
$7.99 -

Twenty 8 Twelve skinny fit jeans
£33 -

Oasis navy flat
£35 -

Chie Mihara flat shoes
180 CAD -

Lucky Brand crossbody handbag
$119 -

Calvin Klein bracelet watch
£160 -

Bohemian jewelry
$15 -

Miss Selfridge silver ring
£5 -

Scosha knot bracelet
$60 -

Oroton cream shawl

Tom Ford metal aviator sunglasses
£185 -


  1. I'm in marketing myself and whilst it's far from a suit & tie environment, we do have to dress reasonably "business-y". The funny thing is that from the beginning, I've never done the corporate wear - I've never felt comfortable in that at all - and so my 'business' dress is swirly skirts, long beaded necklaces, scarves, knee high boots, kimono tops and the like. I get compliments on my clothing all the time (even from Directors) so no one has ever had a problem with it. Which is kind of nice because I feel like I am still 'dressed nice' but I'm wearing what I feel reflects my personality while most of the girls around me are in pencil skirts and buttoned tops. Which is fine but just not me. I couldn't imagine wearing black slacks and a buttoned top every day!

    PS I love the whole outfit - the soft colours are gorgeous!

  2. My job is quite creative an flexible, one day you can wear skinny's an pumps then the next a pair of heels, skirt an blouse.
    I do sometimes wish we had more structure.

    Lovely picks though!

    Abigail x

  3. i like your uniform ; )
    i work in a noa noa clothing store. that means i must wear the clothes we sell. 8 we are having very good rabats ) and i am not complaning about that ! i like the style and i was shopping clothes from there ( when i could afford it ) before i worked there. so in that sense i am lucky ...

  4. How gorgeous! Loving those rocking sunglasses and chic flats. Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

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  6. nope! i work in the kind of environment you mentioned, but i'm starting to break the rules and try to dress more feminine - more dresses and more colors. dressing like a man gets old after awhile.

  7. I loved being able to go to university and wear whatever I want - casual or girly. It's not so lucky in the corporate world so you're lucky you can play with beautiful relaxed pieces such as these.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    being a backstage diva

  8. I love this set. I also work in a boring office, although I can wear open toed shoes. But it gets so discouraging when everyone around you dresses like slobs... glad you got out of there!

  9. I get to wear what I want to work within reason - meaning I still have to look like I work in an office. I am learning how to work my style into business casual, but on the weekends is when I really get to play and wear what I want.
    Much love,

  10. My office is business casual. On Fridays we get the "special treat" of wearing jeans. I would LOVE to work in a creative environment!

  11. I love everything in that board! Great style.

  12. Great uniform to have. I did have a job where I had to be suited or have more coporate office appropriate attire..but no more. I am my own boss but I do make sure I look professional while being comfortable. (Btw, I did visit the British museum many times -lived in London 11 years - but time for another visit, I think).

  13. Love these picks! And you are so right, wearing anything you like to work is just great. I know from experience;) Although there are limits of course.

  14. I definitely yearn for a creative environment! You are lucky to have found a place like that! My last job I worked as a lawyer but the dress code was VERY casual so I often got to wear jeans so that wasn't too bad!

  15. Im in an office environment but its pretty relaxed thankfully - although I am trying to make more of an effort with my work clothes - the least most exciting section of my wardrobe. I usually set out with the intention of buying work clothes & then get side tracked!! :) Love your picks especially the bag & sunglasses

  16. What a lovely outfit you put together! Id love to wear this to work!

  17. Such a cute combo! I love those shoes! I stay at home with my kids so I guess you could say I can wear what I want, but even my "job" has its limitations...sigh. :)

  18. Uniforms...ick. Unfortunately, my place of work requires "business casual" attire, so no jeans for me! Like you, I prefer a more creative setting. And most jobs like that, don't care how you dress. I love that!

  19. These picks are fantastic! I work at a magazine, so it's a pretty creative environment. I love that I can wear almost anything I want but there is a bit of pressure to look current. It's a fun challenge : )

  20. Right now I can be pretty creative as long as it is business casual/professional. I sometimes miss wearing scrubs easy to get ready in the morning and so comfortable!

  21. Cute shoes - and I love that cardigan! I'm like you - I interned at a large bank for a summer and there was a specific dress code: no open shoes and the female permanent employees had to wear skirts to client meetings. After I graduated I embarked on a career in advertising and ad agency dress code is pretty much, anything goes. Definitely glad I can wear whatever I want now!

  22. I feel most comfortable when working in a "casual dress" environment.
    Love the mood board- especially those flats (my favourite colour and style!)

  23. I work at a magazine, so pretty much anything goes!

  24. I love wearing jeans to work! I have no idea what I would do if I had to dress in business casual every day. Great outfit!

  25. working at law firm as your first job, so intimidating. i am lucky enough to wear whatever I want to work. Most places in LA are really great with letting people showcase their own style. ya know, as long as you don't work at target or amc. lol. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest trend report. Thanks love. xoxo

  26. My first few jobs were all at law firms. I hated getting dressed in the morning - it was so boring! I am so lucky now to be able to wear whatever I want since I work from home. I definitely appreciate it!

    Hope you're having a great week!

  27. Yeah, there really isn't anything quite like having the freedom to dress how you want! I remember when I worked at a bank and it was like freakin' Christmas when we would get to wear jeans to work! (c: I'm loving this casual look, especially those cute little navy flats, I'm kinda obsessed with navy lately...

  28. It's great not having to put on a "uniform" at work. I've been lucky so far. working in fashion and now on my own business I've had the freedom to wear outfits I feel the most comfortable in, but too casual is not my style, so it's more an elegant with a twist look. I LOVE the watch, my favourite accessory, I prefer it to any piece of jewelry. :)

  29. Unfortunately, since I stay home with my kiddos, my uniform is not so stylish most days. I love the flats and the cardigan you picked out. I could definitely do those with jeans.


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