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Thursday, 18 April 2013

I turned on the TV on Tuesday and felt so overwhelmed by the craziness of the world that I had to turn it back off again. I remained (un)blissfully ignorant all day but the lingering feeling of sadness and unease stayed with me. The news of the bombings is the kind of news that no one (especially those of us who live in the big cities) want to hear. I very nearly didn’t post anything this week thinking that whatever I had to say would sound so trivial in comparison. But ignorance is certainly not bliss and I decided to turn the TV back on and instead, I got overwhelmed in a good way – the amount of support and strength for the victims of the Boston bombings gave me goosebumps. The solidarity of the city, and of the country as a whole, gave me some much-needed faith in humanity again.

I know I don’t often get deep and meaningful here but I felt funny about not acknowledging the serious events of the week. And just to remind us that there is still beauty in the world, I thought normal service could resume…

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  1. Thanks for those gorgeous views...we all need a little pick me up this week.

  2. We can't let the news of the world stop us from spreading beauty and light... That is what the people of Boston would want us to do - they are tough, resilient and courageous and we need to be that as well. Thank you for these beautiful images that helped make the week brighter for us, Meghan.
    C + C

    1. as a bostonian, i totally agree with you! we need a distraction from all of the tragic news that's on here 24/7...and these photos really helped me out :)

  3. Gorgeous photos! I was also touched by all the wonderful people in Boston! I live just outside the city of Boston and was heartbroken to see my favorite city in the whole world be attacked.

  4. Lovely shots and just what I needed to see. So many tragedies this week.

  5. it's so nice to hear that even around the world that the kindness of other is what came through in the tragic event. america often gets a (well deserved) bad reputation but that's all for terrible politics. americans, at least the ones i hang around, are resilient and kind and seeing that totally didn't surprise me at all.

    now if i could transport myself into a fairytale and live in that second or third image . . . oh my gosh!! soooo pretty!

  6. A very welcomed distraction- thank you Meghan!

  7. It was so tragic! As the mother of 8 yr old twins, I can't even imagine how the family of the little 8 yr old boy are coping! But you're so right, there is so much good and beauty in the world - let's embrace that. x

  8. It is sad to see chaos unfolding one after another on tv and online. However heartbreaking they could be, it's also heartwarming to see the strength and love rising above in these tough times. If only I could jump into these soothing photos. Have a beautiful weekend!


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