Friday, 15 February 2013

Strutt Stuff

Apologies for my late post yesterday, I dutifully sat down to write a post but it somehow managed to get sucked into a black hole. Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines? I had to eat my grumbly words about the stupid holiday when a huge bouquet of flowers arrived on my desk at work, this was then followed up with a dinner of that classic combination, champagne and hamburgers! 

Thought I would leave you with a little black number I put together after something similar caught my eye in a bar last Friday. It was quite an uneventful night out (we think this was partially due to a baby in the bar (wrong?) who we believed to be silently judging us), apart from the baby, there was also a stunning lady dressed in the most gorgeous leather skirt and black lace top. I unashamedly stared. I will be purchasing these items at the first opportunity. Have a wonderful weekend all! 

Strutt Stuff

Bardot dot shirt
$83 - bardot.com.au

Rare London suede handbag
$22 - rarelondon.com

Forever new
$13 - forevernew.com.au

Elizabeth arden

Jack will

Black nail polish
$22 - liberty.co.uk

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  1. One word- swoon. I want every item in this post. Have a great weekend, Meghan.

  2. The skirt is gorgeous! I need that in my wardrobe. :)

  3. I WANT that top! It's gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  4. I had to go to a fundraiser last night and did my best with strutting my stuff. Too bad, I needed this post a few days ago. Regardless, I am inspired for the next event now. Don't ya just hate those black holes??? Have a great weekend.

  5. We'd definitely be getting more dates from our hubbies if we showed up wearing your gorgeous, sexy outfit! Sounds like you had a perfectly romantic day.
    C + C

  6. Sometimes black-on-black can appear dull, boring and not exciting but it is all about textures and patterns and a hint of color in accessories. Great board, Meghan! Love the outfit.

  7. They should clone that man of yours - he sounds pretty damn great! Loving the outfit, and oh how I want those shoes x

  8. A baby - in the bar! Those things throw me too. I was once on a brewery tour with a baby ... that was weird


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