Wednesday, 6 February 2013

All by colour…

cushandnooks1Image via Cush and Nooks [via Adore Magazine]

Ever since seeing the picture above on one of my favourite blogs Cush and Nooks, colour coded bookcases has been planted firmly in my mind. I have even added it to my ever-growing list of [simple] DIY projects around the house. I know  opinion will be firmly divided on this topic as there will be some who prefer the “natural” look of a bookcase, filled haphazardly with books and trinkets. Don’t get me wrong, I love this look too but I think colour coding bookcases creates such a striking feature. The appeal also lies in the fact that it is not a permanent change,  you can have fun and mix and match different colours and heights and, if you get bored of it, just take everything out and randomise it again.

So I have to ask, would you?

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  1. I love the whole colour coded book shelf. I can't really achieve the same effect, as many of my book's spines are multi coloured. But the reason I loved that first pic is that it's wallpaper, so you can get the look without having to have all the coloured books. x

  2. what a wonderful thing it must be to have a library of your own!


  3. Books arranged like in the first picture would show some serious OCD ;-) Quite like the idea of arranging my books by colour, but every time I think about doing it I find something else to do instead - maybe I'm just not the type... xo

  4. i'm like you - i like both (although i don't think i would do it).

  5. I like the idea of color-coordinating my books. We tried it when we first moved into our place but it turned out that we had way more black and brown books than anything. It just didn't look great. I think if you have a small-medium collection of bright books, it would definitely work! lol.

  6. I do like the idea of colour coordinating books but I'm not sure I would have the patience to do it. I think there would always be something else more interesting to do! I love the picture with the peach, beige, blue and green books - gorgeous!

  7. i agree, i think it is so striking. i don't know if i could do that with my books. i mean i have enough, but i guess i have just never compared the colors of them before.

  8. Oh my gosh...these are all so fun. Love all of the colors!

  9. We would definitely color-code our books... if we had enough of them and a floor to ceiling bookcase! But we would also add a couple of trinkets here and there... Stunning post, Meghan!
    C + C

  10. AMAZING!! I just love this idea and wish I had so many colorful books. I would totally take the time to do this task as the results are beautiful. So gorgeous.

  11. This is such a brilliant idea. Color coordinating, I'm in..I'm quite a maniac when it comes to this (I would even arrange them by height) :)

    1. Oops, I meant the maniac as maniaque being fussy.

  12. My bookshelf is colour coded and I can actually find books easier this way (bc I remember the covers so distinctly)


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