Thursday, 7 February 2013

On my mind…

Is it just me or does zinc seem to be appearing everywhere at the moment? You won’t hear any complaints from me as I lurrrrve it! So much so that I spent some time sourcing my favourite zinc goodies.

Any favourites in my mix?

Wishful Thinking - zinc

1. zinc storage bins, 2. zinc table lamp; 3. zinc wall lamp; 4. zinc lettering; 5. zinc jug; 6. zinc boxes; 7. zinc letter tray; 8. zinc trays; 9. zinc herb bucket; 10. zinc task lamp; 11. zinc tea light holders

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  1. Great picks. Love that wall lamp and the lettering.

  2. These are really pretty, the lamps, I can imagine lovely blooms in the jug and those tea light holders are so perfect for dinners al fresco.

  3. Lovely round up! The storage bins and the trays are my favorite. I already own zinc letters, a friend gave them to me years ago, they spell out N & P...Would love to add more and get the word EAT for our kitchen.

  4. I am also obsessed. Just bought 3 big round 'planters" I will use for cut flowers this summer.

  5. Is it weird to think zinc is sexy? Because I totally do. All that raw metal, it's so beautiful! I have an ampersand from that Anthropologie letter set, and adore it. The simplest little accessories can really make a difference.

  6. i will take everything on the left side. that lamp is amazing the finish on it is so lovely and i really need some baskets like that. love!

  7. Gorgeous and rustic. Love those letters! x


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