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Monday 3 August 2015


A misty morning view from our apartment

At about 5pm yesterday afternoon, Jordan and I popped open a bottle of champagne and sat down to do some serious reminiscing. It’s almost 10 years to the day that two young, foolish teenagers set off from everything they knew and loved to see the world. Armed with just 600 pounds between the two of us, no real life experience, no prospect of employment or housing, we found ourselves beginning our adult life in London. And promptly had the shit kicked right out of us. Those first few years away from home were indescribable – we were constantly homesick, penniless, hungry and totally clueless. But somewhere along the line, we got the hang of life (I will never forget the triumph of our first full grocery shop or the day we bought a tiny television and carried it all the way home, or the first time I was able to give someone else directions on the tube). We grew up, we got married, we saw the world together. And here we are 10 years later, continuing our nomadic adventure. We’ve come a long way since that day at Earls Court station.

Oh and did I tell you that our beloved apartment made it’s way into the IKEA Family Magazine?

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  1. AHH congrats! You're famous and your apartment is darling! Also, congratulations on 10 years of adventuring and hoping you two have many many more together


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