Softly, Softly

Wednesday 28 January 2015

If I were to sum my own personal style up in two words, it would be natural neutrals. Photographer Paul Massey’s Primrose Hill home is the epitome of what I would consider a truly stunning home. Soft natural colours, subway tiles, linens, splashes of life and greenery and an array of enviable art. It’s the kind of home I want to cut out of magazines and pin up on the fridge or over my office desk. It manages to be both warm and welcoming without being cluttered or fussy. And lest you think it’s full of unaffordable furniture, that bed pictured below is actually from Ikea (I know this because we had one just like it and I am still in mourning over the fact that it was 5 cm too short for our Aussie mattress and we had to ditch it) – if that doesn’t make you love it more, then I don’t know what will!

Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR9993-feature-image copy

Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR10115 copy

Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR10109 copy

Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR10558 copy

Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR10535 copy


Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR10257 copy

Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR9935 copy

Est-Magazine-Paul Massey

Est-Magazine-MasseyKHR9950 copy

Source | Est Magazine


  1. Ah, yes. I could sink right into this space. It makes me want to go to each of my rooms with a wrecking ball, but time enough for that! ;) It's funny, I have words I use to describe how I want my photography to feel but not my personal style, for home or self. I'll need to think on that. I have a feeling we have very similar tastes because there's nothing here that doesn't appeal to me. I even love that vessel sink in the bath!

  2. Ohhh that kitchen! I would be Cinderella in that kitchen

  3. oh, this space is so lovely. i would really love to leave all my things behind for awhile and just live here. it's so comfortable and peaceful looking.

  4. I love the look of this home to bits. I am itching to decorate now.

  5. I love the look of this home to bits. I am itching to decorate now.


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