Comfort Zone

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Yes, I know I have pledged to buy less, choose well but that doesn't meant I can't window shop... right? If, and only if, I was permitting myself to buy a new outfit, right here is what I would choose [well].

Free people tank top

River Island clothing
$39 -

Free people shoes

Free people jewelry

Free people jewelry

Wide brim hat

Viktor Rolf rose fragrance
$83 -


  1. I'm buying less too, unless you count camera stuff (ahem), but that phone case has been on my list for awhile! ;)

  2. those shoes! really, as usual, i'd be happy to take everything on your list.

  3. Same here. I have downsized the closet and have a luggage quota. I'm quite curious about the Viktor Rolf Scent. :)

  4. I do love those boots... I'm trying to buy less too and am finding the post-Christmas lull quite enjoyable in that respect - obviously because I bought too much before Christmas, mainly for other people!
    Those sunglasses and that hat would really work though... ;)


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