Mother of a Storm

Sunday, 19 October 2014

That storm. I’ve been here long enough to have experienced a few ferocious Sydney storms but never before have I experienced one from the 4th floor of an apartment facing hurricane-like gusts straight off the ocean. I got home from work on Tuesday evening to watch the black clouds roll in, accompanied with booming thunder and steaks of lightning. The show was so impressive that we turned off all the lights and watched at the windows, completely transfixed as the sky lit up like daylight. Storms usually pass but by 11pm, this one showed no signs of slowing down as the wind whipped plant pots and rain against our windows. Just after midnight, we were forced to concede defeat and set up the spare room as the rain pushed it’s way through the sliding doors, soaking our carpets. Sleep finally came but the storm was still raging as we stumbled bleary eyed out of bed the next day to survey the damage and head to work. Luckily the storm seemed to have more bark than bite and apart from a few areas of flash flooding and fallen trees, we were relatively lucky. It made for some impressive photos though (taken by me, edited by my trusty sidekick). As a side note, I’m trying to get Jordan to start posting his photos. Any ideas on good platforms? Flickr?





Images | Wishful Thinking


  1. Great pictures of a subject it is not easy to catch!

    and good platform? how about a simple Photo-blog? :))

  2. Holy!!!!! Crazy beautiful photos and so glad you made it through!!!!

  3. whoa! amazing photos - didn't know the storm in sydney were so crazy!

  4. Such amazing images... I experienced an incredible storm last summer (not quite as dramatic as your though) and loved just watching the sky move... thanks for sharing these :)
    (flickr really is still one of the best when it comes to photos, I think)

  5. wow! look at those clouds! they look so ominous and yet so beautiful. those are such amazing photos.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love storms like that! We're having a blustery day today, and I just walked to the river to take some photos. It's amazing how much windier it was there, right in the teeth of it with no barrier than one block in, back at my house. I like Flickr (when I remember to use it!) a lot, and you can follow people and get inspired... He needs to go for it!

  7. These are beautifully shot and edited and your husband should put them somewhere. Maybe he should have his own tumblr site? Flickr is nice but I don't think the user interface is as friendly


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