Pom Pomming

Friday 3 October 2014

The air was thick and muggy on Tuesday and at some point during the day, it hit 33 degrees. Although I was glad to see the sun (and feel the heat), I baked in my long trousers and sleeves. Sydney women, it seems, have shapely smooth legs accompanied by perma-tans, ready for an impromptu hot day. My legs however, will take at least the whole of October to be tanned (discreetly on my own balcony so as not to blind the innocent with their whiter than whiteness), waxed and toned and maybe by early November, they’ll be ready for public display. And while I toil away tirelessly on Operation Summer Legs, I am doing a fair bit of virtual window shopping -  scarves, beach shirts, handbags and shorts (all neatly trimmed with tiny rows of pom poms) are firmly on my summer wishlist. 

DIY summer pom pom throw | sugarandcloth.com  Could recreate from scratch using bright colours of muslin layers and lace/any other trims? Perhaps for theme park evenings?

leather skinnies, off-the-shoulder tee, scarf with neon details, sneakers

Pom Pom Shorts  Pink Paisley with White Pom Pom by ljcdesignss, $29.00

How cute would it be to add pom pom trim to one of my blouses or dresses? It would be so easy!

Pineapple print pom pom trim shorts, ridiculous but great

Summer pompom floral blouse and denim cut-offs. Adorable. I'd need a longer version of the blouse though!

Shorts by Wonderland // Breezy Tee by Mint.

* for more summer inspiration, visit www.bellaMUMMA.com

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Great summer outfit

lovely lightweight scarf


  1. Wow! These all are so cute! me wants too :}}

  2. Love them.....wish we knew the sources....

    1. Hi Marnie, click on the images to go to the source.

  3. I'm so glad that it's fall now... until I look at your pictures and wish it was spring / summer all over again

  4. i am a fan of the pompoms too. i still have it in my mind to trim a blanket with some as a little diy from an image that i saw on pinterest. it's on the giant to-do list. and i might have to add trimming a scarf with some little ones as well. ps if it makes you feel better we had the longest summer here ever and my legs didn't turn one shade darker than their natural stark white.

  5. I love pompoms too and you gave me idea for Thr late night shopping xxxxxx


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