Dusting Off The Palazzos

Thursday, 7 August 2014

I’ve talked about my love of palazzo pants here before but as summer slowly approaches Sydney, I am super excited that two years on, they are still on trend. I can’t wait to shove my skinny jeans and thick socks to the back of my cupboard and dust off my strappy sandals and palazzos. Summer, I think I am ready for you…

lovevintagepeaches:<br /><br />I just bought these Palazzo Pants! They’re from Zara! Will be featured in an upcoming post/video! :)<br />

HallieDaily : Cropped Top and Wide Leg Pants

Adorable Fashion Styles For Stylish Girls

wide-legged trousers and a tee.

I kinda sorta like really want some palazzo pants.

Must Try: PANTSUITS! try extreme high waist wide leg pants with a sharp tailored basic jacket!

A simple tank with a great pair of pants.   Via: A Love is Blind


Kerry Pieri pairs a cropped Alexander Wang sweater with wide-leg pants by Rodebjer

Cute Creamy Palazzo Pants & Shirt

Love the Color Mix  that Lace Top!! You'll wear it 100 different ways

Image Via: Coco + Kelley


  1. Oh, is that what they're called? I never knew! I always just referred to them as wide-legged pants. Or Gumby Legs if I was feeling snarky, haha. Not everyone can pull them off, but I bet you can! xo

  2. I certainly *can't* pull them off... too short, too fat. But I love the look of them. So pretty, especially in linen. You should get some. :)

  3. these are lovely. totally impractical for where I live at the moment, but stunning nevertheless.

  4. I have and will forever love Palazzo pants. I have three pairs ..... one of which is my favourite pair of jeans. I haven't worn them for awhile because of the lack of people wearing them. However, I'm bringing them out tomorrow for an event ..... it's a casual event so it will be my jeans with a little top. The shoes have to be right or else the pants drag on the ground and heaven for bid it rains... which it won't be thank goodness!

  5. We are in the THROES of summer here... maybe send us a cool breeze? I love the idea of palazzo pants but could never ever wear them. Why? It's difficult enough for me to walk in heels, much less trip over my own pant hems

  6. Just catching up on your posts after my holiday. Whenever I see palazzo pants I think of summer and holidays in the sun as that's when I wear them as they are so comfortable yet stylish too. You have selected some very chic examples here.


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