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Thursday, 11 April 2013

It’s a well known fact that I could happily eat Mexican (or Indian) food three times a day. I put chilli in almost everything we eat and I never get tired of it. But surprisingly, up until recently, good Mexican restaurants were very difficult to come by in London. I remember once trekking to the next suburb (by dodgy night bus) to a “Mexican” restaurant that microwaved frozen burritos and then turned into a night club after 8pm. *shudder* I would rather make the trek to Singapore to eat at the fantabulous Mexout restaurant. The branding (by Bravo Company) is innovative, fun and refreshing. I really love the fact that they have not adopted a proper brand logo – every time you see the name, it appears differently. Also worth noting is that everything is handwritten or handrawn and no computer was used for the creation of the graphics.

Looks like the perfect place to enjoy a taste of Mexico… in Singapore. Right?


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  1. Oh dear, this restaurant looks amazing and all its details! Hats off to the restaurant the industrial feel and branding concept. Whenever someone suggests a Mexican restaurant for dinner, I'm always up for it. Great to know you like Indian food too. :)

  2. I love a good Mexican restaurant. We have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good Mexican food here, I guess I take it for granted! I love how everything is hand-drawn in this place. That's the kind of whimsical styling that people pay tons of money to have a computer do!

  3. While our background is actually Australian and Swedish, we think there must have been a Mexican somewhere in the mix since we'd eat tacos, burritos, enchiladas and tostadas all day long! Love the industrial, chic vibe of this place and we'd be there every day.
    C + C

  4. Yum, I love Mexican too. We don't have any Mexican restaurants in Hawke's Bay unfortunately, but I used to frequent a cool little place when I lived in Wellington. Check out this place in Auckland (my friend designed the interior & decor) - x

  5. if i sent you mexican food it would probably be pretty gross by the time it got there, huh? we have some seriously good mexican food here. obviously we are closer to Mexico so I am sure that helps. I know England has waaay better Indian food, oh how i wish we could barter because I love both too. well if you ever come to portland let me know and i will take you to all the best places!

    ps i love all the design of this place! creative.


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