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Thursday 7 March 2013

I know this is probably going to contradict mine (and everyone else’s) full embrace of the coming of spring but I just HAD to post about the Wiesergut Hotel by Gogl & Partners Architekten in Hinterglemm, Austria. Now usually I like colour and pattern just as much as the next person but given my frenetic and *ahem* slightly highly strung personality, I am more often drawn to cool and calming neutrals and interesting textures. It’s no wonder this place made my heart sing. I vowed I didn’t want to even THINK about snow ever again, but after finding this gem, I’ll happily trudge through metres of it… as long as I get to end my day eating in THAT restaurant and sleeping in one of THOSE beds.  Go get yourself a coffee because this is going to be some serious eye candy overload!


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  1. It looks wonderful, but I think I'm going to enjoy spring for now. :)

  2. This hotel looks like a great place to relax. Waking up in one of their beds with that view must be amazing. I also like the small details, like the floor to ceiling doors etc. The snow always looks so pretty in the mountains, so much different than the dirty slush we have in the city...

  3. i want to go and have a massage there like yesterday

  4. Wow this is amazing. I'm a fan of neutrals and this is such a calm and restful place. I love staying in hotels where there are design features to admire. The light fitting in the third photo is stunning.

  5. It's so interesting that you say that you have a frenetic personality and are drawn to calm interiors. I can appreciate the beauty of calm interiors, but my favourites are filled with colour and pattern. And my personality is very calm and cruisey - I guess opposites attract, huh?! x


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