The power of a good cry (and an epic spring wardrobe)

Friday 15 March 2013

TGIF lovelies! Would you think I was crazy if I told you that while I was setting up this post last night, I was also trying to have a good cry? My mom always used to tell me never to underestimate the power of a proper cry. You know the kind I mean? The one that can start over the smallest thing like a cup of spilled coffee or a broken heel and can leave you quietly exhausted and equally content. So I had a little lightbulb moment yesterday when I realised that my crappy attitude probably stems from the fact that I am long overdue for a sobbing session. I have to take my hat off to actors because wow, it’s really, really hard to cry on cue. I tried everything from going through family photos, watching the tail end of The Notebook to even pinching myself. Not a single tear was shed. In fact it became quite comical, and miracle of miracles, I have woken up feeling decidedly lighter of heart. (Is this all sounding a bit nuts or are there others who believe in the therapy of crying)?

And if I wasn’t feeling better already, the new spring line from Spanish fashion house BDBA certainly would have rectified that. I was immediately drawn to the flowing Bohemian lines, soft blush colours and sparkly details. Now if only I could fill my wardrobe with each and every one of these pieces…

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Images via BDBA


  1. i'm not familiar with dba, but i certainly looks like i need to be. and yes, i believe in the power of a good cry. although i've never tried to force myself to cry. i admire your efforts (and love that one of the triggers was watching the end of the notebook, haha!) i'm glad you're feeling a bit better today and remember - it's friday!

  2. I am a believer in a good cry as well. Sometimes the oddest things trigger them. The other week I started bawling my eyes out in the car over a song I hadn't heard in a long time. After the crying I had let go of everything that had frustrated me the previous weeks...Never heard of BDBA but I will haave to check out their website, the clothes look great. Happy weekend!

  3. Man oh man, I am a crier. I cry when I'm sad. I cry when I'm happy. My boyfriend sometimes freaks out at the amount that I cry, because I'm not really outwardly sensitive. But, it feels great. It's such a release.

    I love those clothes so much...I could cry. :)

    Happy Friday to you!

  4. I love these clothes and photos, how pretty is their editorial? I wish I could feel like that girl for a minute or two ; )

    I definitely believe in a good cry. I actually don't cry a lot. I mean I tear up over something everyday. But I rarely, rarely cry for myself. When I do it feels really confusing at first and then really good. I think we avoid it because we aren't suppose to "feel sorry for ourselves" but once I let myself go I always feel rejuvenated and so much better. I absolutely think it's necessary, just like laughing.

  5. Yikes, Meghan, just looking at the beautiful girls in these pictures makes us want to cry! We completely sympathize with you and the last good cry we had was when Lady Sybil died in Downton Abbey. Our boys just rolled their eyes... Hope your weekend in cheery!
    C + C

  6. Aw's a tissue.....:) I totally get this....although I haven't had time for a good cry in a long time! These photos are stunning. Makes me want to get married again! That dress!

  7. I love all these clothes, pretty with just enough edge! I'm pleased to hear you're feeling happier. The Notebook will always do it for me, but if I was trying to cry on queue, I imagine it would be much harder :) x

  8. Well, as usual, mother knows best. I've never tried to cry on command..but I'm a cryer and it never takes much to get me started.


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