The Oast House Part 1

Monday 18 February 2013

Ok, so I suggest you brace yourself for some loveliness overload. I’m about to show you the little B&B we stayed at on our recent trip to Kent. Nestled amongst orchards and picturesque countryside, I knew we were in for a treat when our car pulled into the the driveway of the Oast House in the village of Wittersham. Oast houses were originally used as kilns for drying out hops - they have always intrigued me so I was so excited to get to stay in one. After a long journey, we were greeted by several chickens and 3 cranky geese (2 of which are the rare fluffy sebastopol geese). Inside awaited a roaring fire, abundant scented candles and the most luxurious room I have ever stayed in (complete with a French copper bath)!

Here’s a little taster of the outside, tomorrow I’ll show you the inside!

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All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. Viewing your photos online is already like a dose of natural relaxants or tranquility shots so an actual weekend retreat there must have been complete zen. Ooh looking forward to see the interiors.Have a great week, Meghan XX

  2. Some gorg B&B pictures!!! Lovin' the shots you took and the chickens!!!

  3. Oh I just love the chickens and geese! Cannot wait to see the inside!!! Let us know what it was like to soak in that copper tub.

  4. that is so cool (although, for some reason, it looks like it's really cold there haha).

  5. This looks so tranquil. I would love to visit! I hope you had a wonderful time :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. well, now i want a fluffy goose! such gorgeous photos, sounds and looks like a magical getaway!

  7. How cute! I've never seen an oast house before, it's so quaint, and I love free range chooks. x

  8. GREAT photos Meghan! Thanks for sharing them. Looks like u had fun following the rooster/hens (I do the same). Glad u had a great time to the B&B.


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