Chocolate Box Cotswolds!

Monday 16 May 2011


I’m back from my road trip to the beautiful villages of the Cotswolds, well, technically I got back on Saturday but I was so pooped from the drive, I crashed for the rest of the weekend… It’s very tiring being the navigator without satnav, especially when the map is obviously incorrect and left and right decided to change sides without telling me! We did a lot of driving, a lot of walking, a lot of ooohing and aaahing and a WHOLE lot of eating! It was blissful! Another plus side of the trip was trawling the endless antique and interior stores – I discovered the Cotswolds Trading Company in the gorgeous village of Broadway (I might have gone a tiny teeny bit overboard in there!) We actually stayed just outside of the little villages in a Bed and Breakfast (Hanover House –  a traditional English B&B with a bed so comfortable, mine now feels completely inadequate) in Cheltenham. Below are pictures of the places we visited on our first day – Winchcombe, Broadway and Cleeve HillI took so many pictures that I think I might have to do 2 blog posts to show them off!  


IMG_3575 IMG_3586


IMG_3616 IMG_3595






So exhausted he drank from a flowery teacup AND saucer with minimal complaint! Why are silly hats so entertaining?














IMG_3590 IMG_3602
IMG_3607 IMG_3606

All images via My Wishful Thinking


  1. Gorgeous photos! It looks like you had a charming time. B&B's are the best, aren't they? They're just so much cozier than hotels.

  2. Beautiful photos. The charm of all of the old architecture is oozing out of your photos. It looks like an incredible trip.

  3. How picturesque! Love the photo of you two-so cute!

  4. I love these photos! I completely fell in love with all of them!

  5. Oh, that does look so Miss Marple-esque! And who says that England is always grey and dreary?!

  6. It's breathtakingly gorgeous and picturesque! Glad you had such a lovely trip :)

  7. You will hear absolutely *ZERO* complaints from me if you do another post on this amazing's like a little enchanted village from a fairy tale (c; LOVE...and I really like the hats pic, they really are just so entertaining!

  8. I love every picture. These old architecture are so charming and picturesque, I wish I were there! Glad you have a wonderful trip.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Lovely blog, by the way, now following and it will be added to my daily reads!


  9. What an absolutely charming place...and it looks like you guys had fun too. You are both so cute :) I would love to see more pictures- they are breathtaking!


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