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Tuesday 3 May 2011

I know everyone is a little weddinged-out but let’s just talk wedding dresses for a minute… Last week, I had heard rumours that Kate Middleton’s designer might be Phillipa Lepley, so of course I swooped like a seagull and did some research to see what to expect. Now I am going to say something that will have many woman scratching their heads, but wedding dresses scare me. Actually weddings in general (slight problem with this, as I am engaged). Being on display and having to wear a poofy meringue dress gives me sweaty palms! I digress, that’s a subject for another day! What I really want to say is that Phillipa Leplay’s dresses help me forget that ‘cringe factor’ and make me want to wear one, regardless of getting married or not!! Let me show you…

Untitled-4 Untitled-5
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Untitled-7 shot12-0241
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Image Credits: Phillipa Leplay


  1. These dresses are just stunning! I think wedding dresses are less scary if you don't find yourself in a very pouffy dress.

  2. I can easily see why they thought Phillipa might be the designer. What gorgeous gowns! I'm absolutely loving that low back with the bow and the one with the skinny straps. Simply beautiful.

  3. I had the same anxiety about my wedding; I hate being on display! Just pick one that makes you feel pretty. You'll know when you put it on. :)

    My favorite of the above is #3!

  4. Love the dress with the big bow in the back! Congrats on the engagement :)


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