Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tufted, wooden, leather, ladderback - chairs! You name it, I want it. Thankfully we live in a house the size of a postage stamp so my obsession is limited to window drooling and wishful thinking. But I do dream of owning a house in the distant future with a huge room especially designed to contain my vast collection of fabulous chairs.  If you ever find an awesome chair, please share the find with me! Here are some of my favourites at the moment:

chesterfield_slate - Rume
IMAGE CREDIT: Baker & Belgae Smithfield  Rume

John Lewis Gold Chair
IMAGE CREDIT: Mr Bright Chair John Lewis
Eero_Aarnio_Keinu_Rocking_Chair_tal - Bonluxat
IMAGE CREDIT: Eero Aarnio Keinu Rocking Chair Bonluxat

self_front - Rume
IMAGE CREDIT: Baker & Belgae Self Rume

Ladder back chair
IMAGE CREDIT: Unknown (please mail me if you know where this came from and I will credit t!)
Wishbone & Lucite Chair
IMAGE CREDITS: Unknown (please mail me if you know where these came from and I will credit them!)

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