Monday, 12 November 2012

Imagine the quiet…

Remember when I told you I wanted to go camping in this post? Well that feeling hasn’t gone away since. I’m still pining for some peace and quiet in dense fresh forest air so it’s no wonder the house below sucked me in like a tractor beam! Trees as far as the eye can see, no visible neighbours and no sign of any roads… aah that would be a dream-come-true for me! I really love the colour of the exterior and the way the house seems to nestle into its surroundings (take a minute to imagine what it would look like in the middle of autumn). There is also a noticeable lack of modern technology in the interior, further adding to the sense of seclusion.

Do you favour seclusion or the hustle and bustle of the city?


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  1. These are beautiful rooms! I prefer being surrounded by nature and books in seclusion.

  2. I grew up in the country, so I'll always be a country boy at heart. I love the natural beauty and the calm of the British countryside. Such a treat! x

  3. beautiful. in the first picture it almost looks abandoned. I see why you fell for it :)

  4. Wonderful porch - love those painted floorboards too - looks so wonderfully peaceful and quiet :) I'm your 200th follower - yay!

  5. Beautiful escape place indeed! I love the bookcase around the home and that bathroom looks a great place to relax. But I would love to enjoy this house with many people, with only a few company I would be scared, the reason is The Funny Games film of Haneke!

  6. You know I am addicted to cities but this place is such a beautiful one to enjoy a quiet and relaxed weekend.
    Great place to camp there.

  7. Wow! Amazing place...i'd love to spend my seclusions period there, you know...I'm a little bipolar in that aspect...sometimes I'm the city queen, and some other times an hermit...what can I say! I'm a woman...it's my prerogative!! hehe!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my previous posting!
    And also to tell you that I answered your questions for the Liebster Award, yep! finally! Thank you, again for nominating me!!!!

    Hope you have a fabulous start of the week!
    Big hugs!


  8. A life without the pressures of having to be connected? I'll take it... for a weekend at least

  9. thank you! You are so sweet!


  10. That is awesome!! What a great house and I love that seclusion. I don't know how to choose though. I love hustle and bustle, of at least living in a village anyway, not sure about a big city, but I also love a secluded place. I just need a second home so I can have both! :)

  11. I want to go there right now!! I know I just got back from France but gosh, I need a hit of camping now ..... um, in that cabin. Could we still call it camping thought??? It's my way of camping, I know that for sure!

  12. that house is perfect. i adore it with all my heart. i love both the city and the country. i long for the country often but my comfort zone is the city considering that is where i have spent most of my life. having a house in both would really be ideal!

  13. Oh, the house is so light and airy yet looks totally comfortable. Great place to spent a weekend or a week or two...

  14. I'm a "hustle and bustle" in the city kind of girl. But, even I would be happy in this house for a day (or two).


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