Thursday, 8 November 2012

French Connection Home…

You’ll recognise me on the bus in the mornings as the woman with her nose pressed up against the window (well not actually pressed against the glass, it’s a London bus and I don’t have a death wish) scanning the items on display in the fancy shops in Regent Street. French Connection is one of my favourite stores to ogle at but shockingly I never knew that they had a home department until I spotted their sale sign last week. I took to the internet to browse through their full range and here are a few of my favourites…

Untitled-1 copy

Lamp; Rocking Chair; Matches; Throw; Candles; Zinc Jug; Tripod Table; Pillow; Mesh Bowl; Organic Bowl

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  1. I think their home offering is really strong for neutrals and soft grey hues - there's stacks of texture as well with the textiles and concrete materials.

  2. They even have matches! Look at that. The organic bowl, jug and throw, I would definitely find a place for those in my home. :)

  3. They have a home collection??! Whoa! And everything is stunning. I want that mesh bowl (and pillow) stat! Knowing our luck though they don't have a store in the US. We ONLY just got Zara Home a few weeks ago, and we aren't due to get H&M home until next year!

  4. So much goodness ..... us in Canada are always to get things last. When I was in Amsterdam I freaked out that there was such a thing as Zara Home. We're so in the dark.

  5. So much gorgeous earthy, tactile loveliness! Good find Meghan! x

  6. that tripod table is really cool!


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