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Wednesday 9 September 2015

It was with great horror that I discovered my South African passport, that I eagerly applied for just before I turned 18 has just expired. I won’t bore you with the details of the pain and suffering every South African goes through when dealing with the essential paperwork of their lives but just know this, the actual application took me over 6 months to put together (partly because I lost the will to live half way through). But it’s being processed and we are tentatively planning a trip home when it (and my baby nephew) finally arrive. I am incredibly lucky to be able to live in Australia and I truly love my life down under but every now and then, usually when I see those familiar craggy green mountains of my home province, I get that pang of homesickness. It’s only fitting that I post a Western Cape beauty that encompasses everything I love about South African houses. Enjoy.

Source | Vogue Living


  1. Love it and the courtyard especially - best of luck with the paperwork!

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