Winter Blues

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I write this post huddled under the thickest, woolliest blanket I could find with only my nose and eyes poking out of the top. The temperature of our little oil heater is cranked up to it’s highest setting and it still feels tundra-esque in this living room. I am seriously considering turning on the trusty fan-assisted oven and opening the door. Winter has appeared and she feels mighty ticked off. I know it’s only the beginning but already I miss the convenience of slip-on shoes and no coat. I miss floaty fabrics and sun-kissed shoulders, beach bags and badass sunnies. And as I bundle myself into my down jacket tomorrow morning and waddle out the house looking remarkably like the Michelin Man, I know I will miss the warmth of summer even more. I am counting down the days until we meet again. I will come prepared.


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  1. This is a lovely collection in shades of color that I adore. I love the rest from activities that winter can provide, but her chill can be a bit rude.


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