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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hi. Remember me? I’m still here, just struggling to eek out some time for this corner of the internet. While I have been gone, this happened…

Wishful Thinking - Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful and restful Easter? We spent a blissful weekend away nestled in a field of kangaroos, sipping red wine and warming our feet by a fireplace (photos to come). In the meantime, I thought I would leave you with some interiors eye-candy. I’m talking roughly rendered walls, earthy tones, linen fabrics and a good dash of natural timber. You’ll see.

When longtime collectors Vanessa and Trent Hancock reached a point where their mounting trove of building materials and...

Kitchen Trent made the concrete benches in the kitchen while Vanessa sewed the curtains.

Main bedroom The bedroom has a restrained elegance from the beautiful arch window and dramatic curtains to the garden...

Paddock Meet Tommy, a beautiful horse who belongs to a neighbour, but is at home in the Hancock's paddock.

Outdoor A picture perfect low maintenance patio with a climbing Pierre de Ronsard rose.

Source | Home Life | photography Mark Roperstyling Tessa Kavanagh


  1. I'm not joking when I say that when we move I want you to come and style/decorate my house. If you won't come to the US, maybe you can just do a pinterest page for me! ;)

  2. That is about the cutest bunny I have ever seen.

  3. I'll take the home with the horse, thank you very much. Hope you had a good Easter!


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