The Mighty Clog

Friday, 31 October 2014

I may or may not have a problem with purchasing excessive footwear. It’s a mild addiction that I am sure many of you can relate to. Care to indulge it with me? If so, then stick around because I am posting some eye candy of my new favourite obsession – clogs. I’ve been swooning over many a pair, but specifically, I am coveting these pretties from Free People

{Fine Life Co + Hackwith Design House / Colette Tank}


navy jumpsuit + clogs

Look de Pernille street style Stella McCartney clogs

Pennyweight on Boots & Pine

rhiannon tyndell | boots  pine

Boho bump #maternitystyle #stylishpregnancy (loving the lace here.)

Great summer-fall transitional look #fashion #streetstyle

street style - if only i was short and could wear those shoes :(

Inspiration Look - LoLoBu

The Clog Clogs, a cheery shoe with a wooden platform, have been around for years in a multitude of cultures, but have more recently risen even higher in fashion ranks. #womens #shoes #clogs

And just because I couldn’t resist it. It’s a wall of clogs!

very cool.


  1. You have some great choices there. A friend of mine got some clogs when she realized her daughter was taller than she! Yikes! I'm happy it's fall here, but I'm having trouble transitioning to fall footwear. I know you're thinking summer, but this post has inspired me!

  2. hmmmmm. love, love, love clogs.

  3. My goodness, clogs are in? Say it ain't so


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