And then the rains came!

Friday, 14 June 2013

It feels good to say that my days of talking about lack of sunshine and endless rain may soon be over. I’m sure you are just as relieved as I am! You may have heard but summer seems to have skipped the UK once again and most of us are still in boots and light coats. And now the rain has come! I find myself desperately in need of a rain coat, preferably one that doesn't make you look like a TV villain or a flasher. My heart definitely belongs to the classic Burberry trench but since I have no intention of selling an organ on the black market, I am on the hunt for a cheaper version. 

Happy weekend everyone!

Cotton tank top


Dondup patching jeans

Converse shoes

$250 -

Dinny Hall drop earrings
$135 -

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses

Vintage hair accessory

Butter london


  1. That iPhone case is seriously so cool! :) Happy Friday!

  2. In. Love. A good trench coat is all it takes! Though if I'm allowed to be greedy I do so love that bag, too. xo

  3. ugh, who is going to have more rain than me now? no one that's who. it's been raining here in portland again for the last few day - a lot, downpours. and people around here have to nerve to say how much they love it. guess they are in the right place. i, on the other hand, should be moving with you to AU. i love all your choices! and i wish i could buy them all!

  4. Meghan - you would totally rock that coat wearing that outfit! We've had 8 inches in three days and needless to say, the wellies have not been put away for good. What's all the fuss about global "warming"? All we've had it rain!! Hope you have a warmer weekend.
    C + C

  5. Love it all ..... which reminds me, I need a new pair of converse!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  6. I have to say that I do like British culture, but the weather would get me down a bit!

  7. That looks like the perfect weekend outfit, in fact very similar to what I'm wearing, minus the trench. I'm in search of the perfect winter coat right now. x

  8. The Burberry trench coat is such a beauty and so is the entire look and ensemble.


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