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Friday 7 September 2012

Some people will want me to wash my mouth out when I say this, but I have never been one for handbags. Give me the money and I’ll rather buy a pair of killer heels. I guess it stems from the fact that I am a “lugger” – (not the boots) but someone who carries a lot of crap around in case of emergencies (spare shoes, snacks for snack attacks, spare jumper for the unpredictable London weather, 143 lipglosses of various shades, contents of a pharmacy etc etc) so my bags have to be big, sturdy and functional. That means silly little clutch bags are a no-no for me… or are they? There seems to be a new generation of clutch bags emerging that could give my every day handbag a run for its money. And you can bet that one of these has already found it’s way onto my Christmas wishlist… 108 days to go people! Get ready!



  1. wow, these are stunning. couldn't even tell which one I like best. I'm like you. I'm always carrying tons of stuff around. in huge bags. what I've started doing is using a small clutch/handbag kinda thingy that holds the essentials (phone, wallet, keys, etc) and throw it into the big bag. I was constantly halfway buried inside my big bags trying to find something. made me very popular when there was a long line of people waiting behind me to find my money or something. that's solved now. and it makes life in the evenings easier, too. instead of looking for and moving stuff from big handbag into small handbag and inevitable forgetting something essential, I now only grab the little one and take off. the ones you showcase here seem ideal for that!

  2. Love the first one and the studded one! I have wanted a large clutch for a few years but have never found one I liked enough to buy.


  3. I'm totally the opposite - I never have a lot of stuff and don't like lugging it around. However, I am DYING for the Mulberry Del Rey bag

  4. We're loving the last clutch, Meghan... Who's the designer? We'd definitely need the over sized kind.
    C + C

  5. Yes Yes Yes! I am dying for an oversized clutch...and the fabulous events that wearing one will surely lead to!

  6. If there are 108 days til Christmas, that means there are 103 days til my birthday! And I'll take that Prada clutch in a heartbeat. I totally feel you about carrying a million lip glosses, and I'm not sure if a clutch would suit me for the long haul, but come on. These are stunning.

  7. So interesting you're saying this,because I was thinking the same thing. I need one of those.
    Happy weekend.

  8. oh goodness i loved this post. from the title, to the great clutches (the prada one! i die!) to the countdown to christmas. woot woot!

  9. Oh Yes Santa!! I have been a good girl this year! Pretty please can I have one of these in my stocking too!

    Gorgeous post.. handbags and/or shoes are definitely the way to a women's heart!!

    :) Hazel

  10. Oh, Meghan! I'm definitely going to have to show my best behavior for the remainder of this year ... my Christmas gift list goes on and growing!!!
    Thanks for your comment on my previous posting!
    If you go through my site, you will find my new post, I hope you enjoy it!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
    Big hugs!


  11. Wow! These are seriously some gorgeous clutches. I really love the second one, it's so simple in design yet so sophisticated! Like you, I carry a lot of stuff in my bag and small little clutches wouldn't cut it but these will change my mind! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great weekend!


  12. Oh my - these are gorgeous! I love hand bags in all shapes and forms. My husband calls me the 'bag lady'! A big tote for taking to the park to put all the kid's bits & pieces in, a glam clutch for evenings, and lots in between. x


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