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Wednesday 5 September 2012

Last week I vented a little about my inncy wincy little kitchen in this post. Of course the problem of space still remains but after studying those spacious kitchens, I noticed a common denominator – military precision organisation. I know I am not doing myself any favours by hanging on to that vegetable steamer that I vowed would change my life but have only used once, or those ancient chipped plates that hold sentimental value that I can no longer remember. It’s time for a serious clear out and it comes just in time for autumn when my kitchen will be churning out soups, stews and casseroles!

I’m wondering if my DIY sills will stretch to putting up a shelf?



  1. I loooove open shelving in a kitchen. So much!

  2. Would love to have open shelving in my kitchen but fear that the boys (young and old) will disrupt my organizational skills. Also, don't think the chipped wedding dishes would look as lovely...
    C + C

  3. I am crying ...... these are the most beautiful images I have ever seen... My goal in life is to have a little shelf/kitchen like these. Oh my, it's time to de-clutter. At least I have stuck to my promise to myself to only buy white dishes. I'm on the right track.

  4. I also love open shelving...my fear...dusting them..ick. However, I'm wandering about my skills in putting a shelf up over my flat screen in my office. mmm, maybe not.

  5. Love the look of open shelving but I am not a neat person when it comes to organizing our kitchen so I need doors in mine ;)Also love the stainless steel countertop on the second to last picture. I am sure you can handle putting up a shelf! My motto is at least give it a try!

  6. oh man - my little apartment has ingrained being organized into me. i look forward to making mess every now and then again ;)

  7. I love the idea of having open shelves in the kitchen to display my favourite bowls and treasures. But hubby is more of a minimalist, and since I have so may treasures on display in other parts of the house, I have (so far) left the kitchen pretty simple. x

  8. I love this post Meghan. In fact, I started this day by viewing photos of kitchens that have that open shelf thing going on. I also love subway tiles in kitchens.

    We have a big kitchen in the new home but the design of is nothing that I would choose for myself. Well, everything looks good and has been taken well care of, but I think I would trade my big kitchen for a smaller one with open shelves ... and use military precision organisation ;-)

  9. These are beautiful kitchen shelves. They look especially beautiful with the white subway tiles.

    Good post!



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