Sitting Comfortably?

Wednesday 9 May 2012

You could say our house has a lot of quirks. The ‘1’ on the television remote hasn’t worked in a long time, you sometimes have to hold the button on the kettle down to get the water to boil, the toaster only toasts on one side and the front door occasionally opens itself at the most inopportune times. If that wasn’t bad enough, I recently discovered that I have been sinking ever closer to the floor on the sofa because the springs seem to have gone (strangely only on the side I sit on… trying hard not to read into that one). Bottom line is we need new stuff bad! A sofa will be very bottom of our list as we plan on moving again so I will just have to settle with ogling over my favourites and narrowing down my choices.

Does your house have quirks too?

Natural1, 2

Untitled-11, 2

Pink1, 2

Grey1, 2

Orange1, 2

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Purple1, 2


  1. oh yes. i just got a new tv - my old one had all the buttons pushed out of it (no remote) and you had to turn it on and off by jabbing a chopstick in place of the button to fiddle with the handle to turn it on. always an adventure.

  2. I can't think of any quirks. But, I would love a deeper sofa. These all look so cozy. There's no going wrong.

  3. Beyond gorgeous!!!!! I think the pink is my fave?

  4. Love your pretty!
    My home is a rental so it definitely has quirks. My window likes to fly open on it's a Canadian winter. Brrr. I cam home from a vacation in Mexico with the window flapped wide open. Oy!

  5. I've been loving the white slipcover look lately too! Oh yes, our house has its quirks too...if we put the washer on "darks" it stops the cycle at before 'spin'!

  6. Well, you know we just bought a home and although it's not new it was custom built, etc. and it still has tons of quirks! I guess that's just the way it is. Although I think I'd work on getting that front door to stop coming open. :) But then again you're moving soon so maybe not! :)

  7. Oh my goodness, I completely relate to this post! My husband and I are looking for a replacement for our couch since the springs on one side are going and the other side sits higher and more comfortably. The couch has served us well but it is also going with age. =(

    I love your inspiration photos...I'll ogle with you!


  8. Girl, I can TOTALLY relate!! I am in the same boat as you right now. So many odds and ends that need to be fixed that we keep putting off. I am actually on a mission to fix a few of the simple things within the next couple of weeks because I'm tired of looking at them in their ugly state! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I really appreciate it!


  9. currently it has too many boxes but I'm working on it ;-)

  10. All look so comfy and cozy and good enough to crawl onto with a good book! Our new little den slants to one side so that my hubby's tv watching chair is a recliner without really being one... Very convenient!

    P.S. Did you see that the girls at Tilton Fenwick responded to your fabric question on our Monday Mood?

  11. Luckily, hubby is super handy man, so everything gets fixed pretty quickly. But with three small girls, two cats and a large dog, there's always something to fix or clean! xxx

  12. Can't think of any house quirks but in our old apartment you couldn't use the toaster and the kettle at the same time. If you did the fuse would blow and the fuse box was in the darkest corner of the basement. And of course the basement lights were on the same circuit.

    I could hang out in any of the sofas/chairs, they all look super comfy!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful images, Meghan! And yes, my house was built in 1939 - 72 years old with several quirks and that lends to its character :).


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