Let the shopping commence!

Tuesday 31 January 2012

Over the past weekend and in celebration of passing my driver’s test (have I mentioned that a few million times?) I wanted to buy myself a little ‘well done’ present – that’s allowed, isn’t it? But as is always the case, whenever I go out armed with cash and determination, I can never find anything I like! Shops were stocked to the rafters with floral print shorts, wide-brimmed sun hats and bikinis…. considering the temperature is 4 degrees today, it just didn’t feel right buying flesh-baring clothes. But what about Spring/Summer home accessories? Is it too early to start embracing them? I thought it might be jumping the gun a bit but that didn’t stop me from ogling at the goodies and putting together a little list of my Spring must-haves!

Yes Please

1. Lemon pillow;  2. Mantle Clock; 3. Re-useable Water Bottle; 4. Thyme Scented Candle;  5. Pendant Light; 6.Bronze Plate; 7. Hovis Bread Tin;  8. Sauce Jug; 9. Throw; 10. Bottle Opener; 11. Silver Egg Cup and Spoon;


  1. i feel the same lately. every time i want to buy something - nothing. every time i don't - so many things to resist. i really like that throw!

  2. The throw is beautiful and silver egg cup and spoon very, very lovely. Whenever I don't find something I like for my wardrobe I go for home accessories. xo

  3. It is never too early to start thinking Spring/Summer. That pendant light is just gorgeous.

  4. Such lovely finds! Passing your driving test definitely deserves a reward :)

    Abbey x

  5. Way to go girl!!! Love that you are already preparing for Spring! I have seriously hit a rut and need some glimmer of spring. Thank you!

  6. Mmm that candle smells delightful. Herbs are my favorite smells!

  7. DITTO - if I have the cash... I find NOTHING... if I am broke.. I need to stay home! :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Congrats on passing ur drivers test!!!! I believe it's waaaay to early for stores to start showcasing their spring/summer collections at the stores (maybe ok online), but it is sooo confusing (esp when I haven't had my coffee yet) waking into a store that is showing bathing suits when I am wearing coat, scarf, gloves, and still defrosting :(

  9. I agree, yes please! great collage! i LOVE the silver elephant. You have good taste ;-)

    The Sydney Girl


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