Not Quite The Outback, But Close

Monday, 23 February 2015

City living in Sydney is nowhere near as cramped as our lives in London but move a few kms out of the edges of the suburbs and everything grows in size. Houses begin to sprawl, roads begin to widen and the cars get mightier and meaner-looking. It feels more vast, more Australian. You begin to grasp how very big this country really is. Little sleepy villages dot the landscape, filled with preserved buildings, fascinating history and seriously laid back locals.

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking53

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-52

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-50

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-48

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-49

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-24

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-26

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-27

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-28

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-21

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-29

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-14

All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. Oh, I love every one of these pictures. We've been stuck in the house with only quick trips out for a week now due to a snow/ice storm, and just reading this post has me stretching my (metaphorical) arms and looking up and around myself, ready to get back and out. You're inspiring me! Of course, more snow and ice is on the way this morning, so I might have to wait a bit! :)

  2. wow, these pictures are pretty amazing. So many of these buildings look like they are right out of a movie set! How cool.


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