The Jervis Charm

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I can’t remember whether or not I have told you about Jervis Bay before so I’m going to tell you again. Rich turquoise water, kangaroos as far as the eye can see and sand so fine, it squeaks between your toes. It’s easy to become disorientated there and think you have been stranded on some tropical paradise. In reality, you are only two hours outside of Sydney, perfect for a quick (yet thorough) getaway. Apart from the obvious beauty, one of my favourite things about Jervis Bay are the cute little rental cottages right in front of Hyams Beach. You seem to have to book years in advance in order to enjoy a weekend in one of them but I reckon the wait would be worth it.

Wishful Thinking - Jervis Bay

Wishful Thinking - Jervis Bay

Wishful Thinking - Jervis Bay





All images via Wishful Thinking


  1. This puts me in mind of the cottages that dot the beach towns in the coastal south of the US. Florida. South Carolina. Brightly colored. Tiny. Practical but improbable. I'd love to see inside one. Get on that waiting list, girlie!

  2. Stop!!!! These are so adorable!!!! Gosh I need to visit Florida, South Carolina!!!!


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