Thursday, 15 May 2014

Guess what I bought myself the other day? A wide-brimmed wool burgundy hat. I feel like a total imposter wearing it, like I should have a French accent and be wearing loafers - that’s probably because it’s so ridiculously stylish and grown up (if I don’t say so myself). I had a look back through my Pinterest boards and realised that I may have been slightly influenced.

Bordeaux FedoraSee How Our Favorite Tastemakers Polish Their Look With A Wide-Brim HatEffortless style. I love the simplicity of this outfit, but also the addition of the berry coloured hat.easy comfy outfit {love this burgundy hat}Paris Couture Week street style.  [Photo by HB Nam]Slippers - Boyfriend's Stylecozy top + burgundy hatCeline bag


  1. Oh I'm positive that you are as chic as can be!

  2. funny that you say that. i love hats too, but i also feel like an impostor wearing them. i used to be a bit of a tomboy (in dress only - no sports) and when i first started wearing skirts and dresses i felt like i may as well be walking around naked, like everyone was looking at me thinking how out of place i looked. but now it's no-thing and i wear them all the time. maybe i just need to get a hat and wear it until it becomes comfortable. love the one you picked out!

  3. Alright, this is for SURE some good inspiration to buy a purple hat ..... I've been told I can wear hats .... hopefully this still applies.

  4. I'm not really a hat person but all these ladies carry the burgundy hat off so well. It really does finish off these outfits and adds that 'je ne sais quoi!


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