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Thursday, 6 February 2014

I am getting beach withdrawals. It’s been well over a week since I felt the sand between my toes and I am all pale and shaky about it. A few months ago, I couldn’t even fathom a life where my day started with a sunrise walk on the shoreline, now I would feel like my liver was missing without it. I have a beach bag that lives by the front door, various jars dotted around the house filled to the brim with treasured shells and driftwood and most days when I get in to bed, I usually have to get out of it and brush the sand off the sheets. It’s everything I had hoped for and more.


I can’t take any credit for these pictures. These are all Jordan, who managed to drag me out of bed kicking and screaming before the sun came up to take photos…. before the coffee shop even opened. And shockingly, turns out half of Sydney is up at that time on the weekend anyway. Jogging, yoga-ing, boxing and surfing. Without coffee. Sickos.


  1. Welcome back to Blogland! You seem to be enjoying life and no wonder with the beach close by (a beach bag by the door - wonderful!) and those amazing sunrises. Fabulous photos.

  2. what a gift to see the sun rise - and to live so close to the beach! i never have, but i think i would like it. and like you i think i would get used to it!

  3. OMG, I can't believe I missed your 2014 blog home-coming! I've been so busy I haven't had time to keep up with other blogs. It's great that you're back, and thank goodness for Jordan pulling you out of bed - what incredible photos, love them! Hope all is well for your new life down under. x

  4. These are stunning. This is my dream. I could have it. I have beaches in either direction, but they're both at least half an hour away. It's SO whiny of me to want to be able to roll out of bed and walk there. I keep looking though. I'll get Neel to move some day. ;)

  5. oh my goodness. i am so happy for you. i am feeling some serious pangs of jealousy though. it looks and sounds amazing.

  6. Beautiful sunrise! I'm happy to see and hear you've settled and are now well acclimatized down under. A family friend who lived in Sydney for a while told us once how active and fit people are over there. Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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