Navy and white

Friday, 24 August 2012

It’s been a little stressful round these parts of late so apologies if it feels like I have been neglecting the wee blog (and yours) over the past week. My excuse is my crappy mood and I just can’t seem to lift it! I am pretty sure I am in some sort of post-wedding/honeymoon-bliss-funk. Is anyone else familiar with this syndrome? Can it be cured with chocolate and vast quantities of wine and reruns of New Girl? It couldn’t hurt though? So in an effort to lift my own mood (and perhaps yours if you happen to be feeling the same), I went searching for one of my favourite fashion colour combinations: navy and white. Could it be any more perfect?

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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  1. Navy and white, it's such a classic and crisp color combo! You have seen my master bedroom, you know it's my latest obsession!

    Thanks for the gorgeous fashion inspiration!


  2. Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit blue :( Probably coming down off your high after the wedding and honeymoon. Life will pick up again, and yes, I definitely prescribe large quantities off wine, chocolate and your fav tv programme. Beautiful outfits, love them all! x

  3. these are all so perfect. and yes - that cure sounds like it should work ;)

  4. You know, it just doesn't get more classic than navy + white. I hope you start feeling better soon- and I'm sure some wine and chocolate always helps, everything.

  5. A nautical touch is just what we need as we head for the beach one last time this summer... Hope your weekend is restful, Meghan!

  6. You know what, I bet those ladies never spill red wine on their white pants. But then they probably don't get to guzzle red wine either :)

  7. Okay, I don't seem to look as great in my white pants as those girls so maybe putting on something navy with them will.

  8. beauuuutiful pics! Love the colour combination - great choice!


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  9. Great choices. Navy and White never fail :)


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