Monday, 23 January 2012

And breathe!

January’s days are numbered… and not a moment too soon! The cold, dark and grey days have felt particularly long this year! The weather most certainly affects what inspires me – like at the beginning of winter I could think of nothing else but dark panelled timber rooms and roaring fires, but now I only want honey coloured floors, white walls and the unmistakable smell of sea air blowing through voile covered French doors! I found a beautiful all-white house yesterday that blew me away! Now I know I always say that I am not usually drawn to all-white interiors (and realistically, I don’t think I could live in a house this white) but I still can’t resist falling in love with them! I For me, this house has the balance of all-white just right – I really love the neat black touches that break up the white and I couldn’t have chosen better furniture myself!

What do you think? Are you drawn to fresh bright rooms during the colder weather?


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  1. Meghan, I love it! I couldn't live in an all-white house either, but I use white as much as I can in decorating my home. The kitchen and entrance hall are gorgeous! xo

  2. I looove looking at these fresh, beautiful rooms. I even think I'd be happy living in them, but I'd never have the restraint it takes to create one!

  3. Meghan - you hit the nail right on the head... it is so true! But I am ready for the warmth and a little sea air, sand and sun would be AWESOME!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos - love them all.
    Have a great Monday.

  4. Oh, forgot to ask you - how do you get your photos to look so good in yoour post? I love the shadow border and the dimension that it has???
    Thanks again!

  5. I love an white interior - it can be so beautiful and calming as evidenced by your selections. But, I could never actually live with it I need some color and I'm a bit messy!

  6. I'm with ya on saying adios to January.... Every year I am. Now about this lovely house you have so nicely posted, it has features and rooms that I gave imagined in my dream home. The foyer is bang on exact with what I imagine one would be. I will keep your post around for inspiration. Thanks for brightening up my day.... Oh look, the sun is coming out!!!'

  7. There is nothing more beautiful to many any time of the year and these images reinforce that to me...absolutely gorgeous!! Love a touch of black in a room like the kitchen and breakfast room.

  8. Beautiful home!


  9. Lovely pictures! I am not sure that I could live in a house this white but I love the way it looks.


  10. This is a home that I could really live in - beautiful, simple, elegant. Lovely!

  11. I think I'm with you....love the all white in photos, but not sure I could live in it. This is a beauty though!

  12. White and black need each other to balance a space - white lightens a room up while black provides grounding. I would need a shot of color but these are very pretty.


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