The Changing Colours of the Ocean

Sunday, 9 November 2014

That ocean. It’s become our favourite television programme. We can sit transfixed for great lengths of time, just watching it be. On a day like today, it’s a deep navy colour, interspersed with frothy white horses as the wind works it’s menace. Yesterday it was as smooth as glass, almost blindingly bright when the sun popped up behind it. And on Tuesday, just before another storm, it was so dark and angry that it looked almost black, and remained that way for 3 days straight. It’s changing colours and patterns has left me curious to know more about it. For those who share my curiosity, this article explains the colour and changes far better than I could.


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  1. lovely images. I love the sea too and miss it already...

  2. You guys are living my dream! To have the ocean, any water really, but the OCEAN (!), right out my window and capture, out of the corner of my eye, all those changing moods. And I can't wait to read that article! :)

  3. The white horses are my favourite part (no one is surprised)... lucky y'all


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