I’m Ready

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

One by one, the layers have been coming off and this evening, as I sit and type this, the door is wide open letting in a balmy summerish breeze. I’m deliriously excited. I can’t even tell you how DONE I am with winter… and it hasn’t even been that bad. I guess it’s because I know how good summer is here. Hot days and warm nights, catching a tan in my lunch break and most importantly, finishing the day with a long walk (and let’s be honest here – a beer) on the beach. Bring it!



  1. I feel exactly the same Megan, I live in Auckland and it has been awfully wet and cold this year. We have experienced some gorgeous spring days then suddenly it is back to winter so the woollys come out again. Hopefully it will settle soon as I can't wait to do some outdoor entertaining. I lack dining space in my little cottage but have good outdoor space so welcoming the warmer days.

    Lee :)

  2. Your warm weather is just beginning and mine is ending (womp, womp). You don't know how much I want to move to the other side of the world right now. I need an eternal summer!

  3. Hmmmm.... our criss cross world! I'm ready for fires in the fireplace, and sweaters and the crunch of leaves under my feet! Bring on fall! ;) I love all these images, especially that paddleboarding pup! I want one of those.

  4. The season swap is one of my favourite to hear about - when you all are headed into summer weather and we're getting cooler here. Don't forget to post all your beach pictures and make us incredibly jealous

  5. As we head into the cooler air and leaves turning ...... I will live vicariously in your summer months ahead. Lucky Duck!


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