Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Double or nothing…

Coffee tables. Probably not something you think about often. I bet you have a really large one in your living room that holds all manner of frivolous objects, perhaps you are even able to walk all the way around it and rest your feet on it when watching tv? Yes? Then I envy you. I’ve wanted a coffee table so much over the years but no matter how small they make them, I would still probably have to climb over it to get through the door. So the latest trend of doubling up on coffee tables has me practically weeping. I love love love it!

How about you? What’s your coffee table situation?

P.S thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday, I had a wonderful day off!

Coffee tables

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  1. Belated bithday greetings! My coffee table is used as a footrest for the teens in my house. When they are not about I do like to light my candles on it ans sit back and relax:)

  2. I have my coffee table placed by the window and next to my favourite armchair and I have all my favourite coffee table books displayed on it, there are always flowers in a vase too, and because it's December, a candle and a Christmas ornament, a silver deer that I love very very much.
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful celebration. And beautiful gifts, I hope. :)

  3. I love that idea. The first photo is just gorgeous. x

  4. we actually had two coffee tables like that for a while. until we got a 70s vintage something that we liked better. until we find something to replace that... love the double take on comfiness.

  5. A great selection here. We bought a new one a few months ago and it took some time to decide but eventually we opted for a glass one. Then I spent ages deciding what to put on it!! I have just nominated your lovely blog for an award! You’ll find the details on my blog at the end of today’s cupcakes post.

  6. You should consider an ottoman instead! That way you can get extra seating out of it, but if you put a tray on it it becomes a functional coffee table to hold remotes or drinks or magazines. Thankfully we have room for both a coffee table and an ottoman, but I feel your pain!

  7. I currently have a gigantic rectangular one that is proportioned well with the l-shaped sofa covered with coffee table books. Though I would have preferred a round shape but this one was on sale. It served me well once during party where we played board games over it and drinking card games.

  8. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a lovely day! I have a coffee table in our living room, but we hardly ever sit in there. In our family room/tv room we have two huge ottomans instead of a coffee table. Much more comfy for putting your feet up! :)

  9. i have always had coffee tables, i mean who doesn't have a coffee table? well, now i don't, i haven't had one in about 5 years, the idea of having something in the middle of my space to attract more stuff, it just hasn't been my thing. but i did find some lucite nesting tables on amazon recently that i think i might get. then i can pull them out when needed and put away when i don't. plus there isn't too much space for me to pack stuff in and on them!

  10. Love the look of two coffee tables! :)

  11. Happy belated birthday wishes! I love the double coffee table concept - great for a big rooms.

  12. First off: Happy Belated Birthday!! Glad to hear you enjoyed your day.
    My coffee table situation is a bit of a sad one. My husband seems to think it is actually an ottoman and insists on keeping his legs on it whenever sitting at the sofa. Sigh.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday ;) I had been looking for two small glass and brass tables initially because I really love this look but fell in love with the one I have now. It's vintage 60s/70s brass & glass with a square table and then two half circles that sit at either end so that it forms an oval when they are all together or you can pull them apart if you need to. I love it, I think it's gorgeous but my boyfriend hates it because I won't let him put his feet on it ;) xxx

  14. Yes! We have a double coffee table in our den. My husband and I each take a block that is made out of wicker. They make great little t.v. tables :-)


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