Friday, 7 December 2012

Everything that glitters…

I had about 20 minutes to kill in my favourite part of town (Sloane Square) that happens to have my all-time favourite Zara shop. It was a no-brainer and I spent those 20 minutes leisurely strolling around the shop mentally adding stuff to my imaginary dream home. Minimum productivity but maximum enjoyment! I came across a whole lot of gold goodies that I normally would have shied away from but found myself fawning over. Maybe it’s because I am feeling so darn festive but I thought the goodies that caught my eye warranted being documented and of course I came across some others in my travels too…

Have a lovely weekend all and I’ll catch you Monday for some tales of my glamping adventures (think of me as the temperature dips to –4 degrees celcius tonight)!

gold copy

gold side table; gold cutlery; gold slippers; gold Michael Kors phone cover; DKNY gold sequined watch; gold sparkle nail polish; brass lamp; brass tray; gold bracelets; gold eye shadow; gold glitter clutch; gold cushion; gold heart frames; skull spoon

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  1. i want everything on this list. now. haha!
    can't wait to see about your glamping!

  2. I love that side table and Bobbi Brown in gold? A glamorous must-have list. Have a beautiful weekend Meghan!

  3. I must admit I'm drawn to gold and lots of sparkle at this time of the year - lovely cutlery! Have a good weekend glamping - hope it warms up for you!

  4. Love Zara home - have one dangerously close to me in Hampstead. We are off to more cold in Vienna - enjoy the weekend.

  5. I really like the table lamp. Have a lovely weekend!


  6. I have to pay a visit to Zara Home one of these days too. :) Have a great weekend, Meghan!

  7. i have been wanting cutlery like that for so long. and that gold pillow, wowzas! happy weekend glamping! xo

  8. I have to have that Iphone cover!!!! Gold is certainly growing on me, I never thought I would fall into it as much as I have. Have an awesome weekend Meghan!!!

  9. Just found your blog via miss b, how nice it is. Sloane Square is a favourite part of London for me as well:)

  10. Like a magpie, I have always loved anything that sparkles, although I'm normally a silver girl. But recently I have been drawn over to the other side, and now I am completely in love with anything gold. It looks so amazing with pinks and warm natural tones like cream and beige (that's one way to make beige cool!). Love everything above. x

  11. Gorgeous. Every single item (and I would be a very happy girl with one of each!)

  12. Love all these golden, glittery things - have you seen Aerin Lauder's new home collection? Filled with golden goodies!
    C + C

  13. Glad you survived !!!! I have to tell you that we've got the exact same taste ..... no seriously, every home you feature, I love. There are a lot of blogs I follow out there that are hit and misses. You are consistent, thanks my friend for the inspiration. Good to be home?


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