Thursday, 13 December 2012

All is calm, all is bright…

This isn’t the post I had planned for today but after reading about general holiday chaos on blogs around the world (and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the Christmas parties myself), I thought a little calm was in order. So sit down, put your feet up for five minutes, take a nice deep cleansing breath and scroll through the serenity that is this beautiful [and suitably festive] room.

Feel better? I certainly do! 


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  1. I totally hear ya about feeling overwhelmed! I'm visiting my bf's family this Christmas (my first year being away from my own family for the holidays, and also visiting a bf's family/meeting them for the first time, etc etc) so thank you so much for the calming exercise! These images are lovely, and it totally did help! Happy Holidays!


  2. I would be quite happy sitting beside the tree in that room today with a glass mulled wine! Gorgeous:)

  3. Second photo: my dream living-room, not to mention that I find it a winter bliss. These beautiful images have a calming effect indeed.

  4. The images are very calming and the rooms are so inviting and probably smell of evergreen. Oh, I love that smell!

  5. I can't tell you enough how much I needed that little interlude. Thank you.

  6. lovely idea to calm us down!

  7. Really nice, we are all now crazy about the Christmas season is a non stop week so great to relax here.
    I love that cristal ball for the Christmas tree lovely and elegant.
    Have a great holidays.

  8. Oooh yes I'm all for a calming just before Christmas! These images are gorgeous, great idea for a post! xxx

  9. This is so serene and beautiful. I'd love to move right in. :)

  10. ooo - the room with the fireplace is my favorite.

  11. So beautiful. I love the pine branches in the glass jars - they'd bring that lovely Christmas smell without having an entire tree (I love real trees, but we succumbed to a very gorgeous fake tree a couple of years ago, which is a lot easier on several levels for us!). x


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