DIYers we are not

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Moving into a new home puts your DIY skills to the test. There is always a little something to hammer, tighten or repaint. Jordan is going to go all diva and bluster at this but we are seriously crap at DIY. Like there should be a law against us owning power tools. My debilitating impatience ensures that I regularly fail at DIY tasks. I never let glue set, I complete projects by skipping steps, I half-arsed read the instructions and can’t possibly wait for paint to dry. Jordan is an overzealous DIYer who would rather make four holes in the wall to hang a picture than one, who once got overenthusiastic with a dollar store hammer and nearly concussed himself when the head flew off and who recently tightened a loose kitchen tap so hard that it popped right off  (true stories by the way). Somehow we manage to get by but some days I do wonder if there is some sort of boot camp that could whip us into shape. In the meantime, I am hoping to follow through on my dream of doing a quick upholstery course to keep my waning creative edge (anyone done this Intoo one? If so, please drop me a line). I feel decidedly inspired by this project below (and yes, that is hand block printed linen)!


The Old Chair Before The Make-over, Remodelista


Alasko's chair upholstered in a hand-stamped linen, Remodelista


Hand-stamped Linen Fabric by Alasko, Remodelista

Hand Stamped Linen Fabric by Alasko, Remodelista

Alasko's Cat Laying on the Upholstered Chair, Remodelista

rAlasko's Upholstered Chair in Hand-stamped Linen, Remodelista

Source: Remodelista | Photographs by Ariele Alasko


  1. Happy to see you back blogging:) hope all is good and you are both enjoying your new home i would love to do it with you sending hugsxxx

  2. that's insane. i am also not DIY, no talents there, so you have a friend in me. for those who enjoy it, congrats!

  3. We were hopeless at DIY too. But I have always wanted to see what treasures I could build by restoring old furniture. Not motivated enough to actually do something though.

  4. Oh my gosh, that chair looks gorge! I'm such a lazy DIYer. I'd way rather pay someone! ;) But look at you! You did it! And is that your living room? I'll admit, I'm dying for a glimpse of your space. I love being able to picture people in their places. ;) XO

  5. I am absolute rubbish at DIY as well. The powder room I was working on with my parents was started a year ago and is still not where we want it. FAIL

  6. first that chair is amazing. some people i tell you. i like really simple diy's because like you i tend to get impatient and want to skip or rush steps. i did recently get a chair that needs to be reupholstered, it "looks" easy, but we shall see, it might end up on the the side of the road waiting for another and better diyer to give it a go.

    and your true stories were hilarious. note to self: don't buy any hammers from the dollar store!


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