Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A travelling Aussie treasure trove

I’ve still got heaps of photo sorting to do and this whole sharing one laptop malarkey has already resulted in a couple of bickering arguments. So I’m conceding defeat and spending less time in front of the screen (which I am actually rather enjoying). In the meantime, I will leave you with an absolutely gorgeous Australian (of course) treasure trove I found yesterday. Run by Kara Rosenlund, this little travelling caravan is filled to bursting with interesting vintage finds. Each and every item is unique and beautifully styled – I actually wanted to reach into my computer screen and touch them. Even the caravan itself is a thing of beauty, the rope doors pulls, black and white exterior, nautical colours and the white panelling made me weak at the knees! Now I know I have mentioned my dream of opening a little beach side shop before but how cool would it be to have a travelling shop? Having different customers and a change of scenery whenever you want? Dream come true.  

If you are in Australia, and are wondering where Kara will be next, visit her website. Alternatively, she has an online shop (that I have already spent far too much time browsing) -Travelling Wares.

Travelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: exteriorTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: Kara outsideTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: interior with seaside themeTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: paintingTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: nautical stripesTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: Australian accentsTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: rope pullsTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: stoneware collectionTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: vintage bluesTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: glass and moreTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: detailTravelling Wares by Kara Rosenlund: exterior with more wares on tables

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  1. What a fantastic idea! Gosh I wish there was one of those here in Canada. Hmmm something to think about .....

  2. I've seen Kara's caravan before, and love it! I'd like it to be parked up at our place so I could use it as a little studio, or maybe a place for the kids to hang out. x

  3. be still my beating heart. this is lovely and styled so beautifully. i love the idea of a traveling shop, especially for the store owner (seems like a lot of work though, but maybe not?). we have "pop-up stores" here and i know a few of them were so popular here that they ended up opening brick and mortar shops.

    i want that little painting!!

  4. What a genius idea. She has the most beautiful items and how interesting for her to move around and change her view!

  5. Oh my gosh! Want! Want! Want! I could SO get on board with camping if it were in a little caravan like that...AND had all that gorgeous stuff inside! Lovely to see you back here, even sporadically! XO

  6. Oh my gosh this is amazing and I so agree with Lauren, I'd totally be a camper if this is what it meant! ;)

  7. So adorable, and the set up of goods is just the loveliest bit. I'm with you, I want to touch all that linen and those wicker baskets. I'll go whichever way this lady is going. Hitch a wagon to a star, and all that jazz. xo

  8. ummm def heading to that shop..


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