Coastal Photography…

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I’ve blogged about my love of coastal photography many times before, but my trip to Devon gave me the opportunity to give it a go. The coast provides the perfect backdrop for photos, it can be both dramatic and serene and playful yet serious. It was by far the most challenging but fun thing I have photographed with my new camera. It’s all still a learning process for me, and we didn’t really go at the right time of the day, early morning and late evening seem to be the times where the light is the most dramatic and captivating. Here’s a little collection of my favourite coastal images…

imageImage by Rob Watkins

 imageImage by Janice Alamanou

imageImage by John W Golden

imageImage by Garry

imageImage by Kevin Krejci

imageImage by Mike Baird

imageImage by Andre Wareoff

imageImage by Marc Barcelo

imageImage by Horst Fischer

imageImage by Spencer Brown


  1. wow - so many beautiful photos. thanks for sharing!

  2. Photography is fascinating. And the learning process is part of it. :)

  3. The one with the shell is perfection. Looking forward to your pictures too.

  4. Omg gorgeous! Crazy to think a plastic bottle could look so cool!

  5. So gorgeous! I wish I had the patience to learn how to use my camera better but this is definitely inspiring me to give it a go! xxx

  6. Love those images, pinning a few for inspiration!


  7. Oh *WOW*! If I didn't already love coastal photography, I would be a convert now! These are absolutely stunning!

  8. wow, all of these are stunning in their own unique way!


  9. These are beautiful, they make me want to spend all day at the beach!

  10. these are all so gorgeous - makes me want to visit the coast immediately!

  11. These are gorgeous!! My favorite is the third image, of the pier. It reminds me of the ones my friends and I would walk along (and under) growing up in Florida.

  12. The sea always brings out the best in photos. Beautiful shots!

  13. The're all beautiful, I'll look forward to seeing some of yours Meagan.



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