The Wild West

Monday, 16 February 2015

We are relentlessly restless. The traveller’s blessing and a curse. The more you travel, the hungrier you become to discover more. Sometimes I lie awake at night and think of all the undiscovered land right on my new doorstop and it takes all my might to will my brain to switch off and sleep, rather than making endless travel lists and plans. Although our day jobs fund our adventures, they also hold us back from leaving on whims and disappearing for weeks so we do what we can, and use every spare weekend to make short trips around New South Wales. A few weeks ago, we headed over the mountains to the west, to a small and unassuming little town called Mudgee. It was festeringly hot during the day (with incredible electrical storms at night), there were friendly people in cowboy hats with handlebar moustaches, there was wildlife aplenty (we even saw an echidna… but sadly no living wombats), we gorged on delicious breakfasts, wine and beer, we stayed in an old church, we discovered even smaller towns and marvelled at the sheer size of the parking spaces and roads. In short, we loved it. I’ll share some more of my photos, but these are my favourites.

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-4

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-5

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-3

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-43

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-7

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-6

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-10

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-11

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-47

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-44

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-42

Oh yes, and did I mention the stars? As city slickers for the past 10 years, we never pass up an opportunity to see the stars, even if that means traipsing out into a pitch black field (possibly filled with all manner of deadly creatures) in the middle of the night to try and capture them on camera.

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-45

Mudgee, NSW - Wishful Thinking-46

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  1. Nothing like a dark sky to see the stars. We have that here at our farm. Nothing like it!

  2. Oh my god! Those stars! I feel much like you do about travel. Chained down and restless. It's one of my main urges for wanting to move from our current home; too big, too cumbersome to just get up and go. And getting up and go is always propelling me forward.

  3. Oh wow, where we are, we are lucky to even spot a star. Those stars are amazing. The wheat beer image makes me just want to grab the bottle from the screen.

  4. Hubby and I are moving to Sydney at the end of June, so your posts are doing everything possible to get me more excited, if that's possible! Keep posting!

  5. wow, all of those stars! what amazing photos. I haven't seen stars like that in years. xo

  6. My goodness, that night sky. Now that's my kind of place


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